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Places To Celebrate Holi


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Holi festival or "festival of colors" is the second most popular festival of Hindus after Diwali and widely celebrated in India. It occurs in spring season celebrated on full moon day or Poornima of Phagun or around the month of March. There are many beliefs or stories behind the celebration of Holi and some of them include Holi is celebrated to enjoy the victory of good over bad. According to one mythological belief sister of Hiranyakashyap, Holika is got burn and died in the fire flames started by her only when she tried to kill God. Holi also celebrates the immortal love of Lord Krishna and Radha. Some people also celebrate it to enjoy the ending of winters or starting of summers. There are many places in India whose Holi is so popular and if you are visiting first time to India than you must watch the celebration of following places:

mathura holi

Mathura and Vrindavan: It is the place which attracts tourists and pilgrims in large number. Mathura is the place where Lord Krishna took birth and in Vrindavan, he spent his childhood days. Holi of these two places is extremely popular all over the world. According to the people, the tradition of playing with colors originated from the Leela of Radha Krishna. From a week before Holi, the celebration starts in Mathura. Activities of playing with colors and musical chants fill the environment with joy. Dwarkadheesh temple in Mathura is the best place to catch the spiritual colors of Holi. Banke - Bihari temple in Vrindavan opens its doors one day before Holi to all pilgrims to play Holi.

barsana holi

Barsana: It is popular for Lath Mar Holi. It is the home of Radha where Lord Krishna usually visits to tease her and her friends. To chase Krishna women went behind him with Lath. Ladliji Temple of Sri Radha Rani is the place of the main celebration of Holi. Two days before Holi celebration begins. On the first day men from Nandgaon or Krishna's village visit Barsana to tease women and women chase them with lath and men protect them with shield, that's why it is called Lath mar Holi. Next day women from Barsana visit Nandgaon to play with men with colors.

Other places which are popular for holi are Shantiniketan, West Bengal; Anandpur Sahib Punjab, Jaipur, Udaipur, Goa, Hampi and Mumbai.

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